Who we are

The City of Brampton Concert Band is a not-for-profit ensemble, offering a community-based outlet for the concert band art form to dedicated musicians seeking an environment to pursue excellence in their past-time of music.  Our members’ age has ranged from 14 to 75-plus, The organisation offers a welcoming environment that challenges its members to grow musically, pursues excellence in the performance of concert band music, and seeks to positively serve and represent the City locally, nationally and abroad.

The Rose Theatre of Brampton in March

Our principle activities

  1. To serve the citizens of the City of Brampton by providing music suitable for the many community activities that from time to time require Band music, such as:
    • Open air park concerts free of charge to the citizens of Brampton
    • Band concerts in homes for the elderly
    • Interdenominational religious services
    • Parades in support of recognized community organizations
    • The provision of band music at important civic functions and events
    • A series of regular indoor concerts
  2. To provide educational and outreach programs
  3. To support youth in music
  4. To commission new works and arrangements for the Concert Band from Canadian composers
  5. To produce professional recordings of our music
  6. To undertake national and international tours to promote and represent the Band, City, Province and Country